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Finding something worthy of saying to an audience who does not listen has become increasingly difficult, I've found.

This place isn't really for me any more, I feel. Maybe I've matured passed it. Or maybe I haven't the time or care to put up what little art I make any more. I'm not for certain. No matter the question or the meaning behind it, I'm not here very often and even less often than that do I show any sort of sign to my watchers that I still exist.
But I don't mind. I've moved on. You should too if you're still waiting anxiously for my next mediocre post. It was over a long time ago, darling, and there are much better things out there for you to devour. I swear it.
I don't do much art, if any really, any more. I can credit this solely to lack of time. I'm a full time college student with two part time jobs. I'm not afraid to use the "overbooked" card. It's the truth. But I still do photography because I have to and I write because I couldn't survive without some form of release.

My point here is that I've lost interest in this site for now, I hate my username, I like to keep the rights to my things, I'm thinking about deleting my account, and I am found somewhere else on the internet. I've mentioned my new placement before, probably in my last journal, so if you want to know that badly just take a moment to look. Only if you really want to know, of course. I don't use that place like I ever did here.

So have a good day, a good week, a good rest of the year, and a good rest of your life. Until later my friends, watchers, and passers by. If it kills you to hear this, drop me a note and we might be able to figure out methods of keeping in touch for the long periods in which I forget about this place.

Hasta luego.

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Hey every one. It's been a while since my last journal, but for rambling purposes, I'm glad I've waited until now.

School is out, High school is over and I am registered and excited for college. I'm a bit scared, a bit concerned about finances, about homework, but I am so excited for what I will learn, who I will meet, and how I will grow in this new experience. It's really just.. Mind boggling that I've made it this far. Ha. Never thought I'd make it this far, but it seems I have. Well, I guess I still have a couple months to fall flat on my face before the fall comes. Hahahaha. We'll see what comes.
I'm so glad to be out of high school. I feel like it was actually holding me back. I had nothing left to learn there, no one left to build off of... Just an expanse of people in positions I've already grown passed. It feels good to be in this grey area between my childhood and my adult hood. It's exciting to be standing here on the threshold of what was and what will be with these blind eyes... I only have my ears to hear whispered stories of the trails and experiences that are to come. It's all so dizzying; it's left me with butterflies in my stomach, a smile on my lips, and a hunger for the future.  I am ready to be challenged.

Summer has been relaxing and fun so far. I've had a couple photo shoots, one that has not been revealed as of yet, and I've stumbled upon a new challenge that I am looking forward to tackling. Maybe one day, with all this time I have, I'll take pictures of all that art I made during the school year... I should really get to that. Meh. It's kind of aggravating that I haven't yet, and it's, in the same breath, aggravating because I have to do it. Just wish they'd take pictures of themselves. Have a couple things I want to draw too....
BUT! I am so pumped for an idea I've stolen and remade in to my own with the help of Zurifee. Here's the story:
I was clicking through StumbleUpon(awesome site, you should give it a try) when it gave me this article. This person wrote about how they came across this website that was just Polaroids. A Polaroid every day for fifteen years. A man took them and basically documented his life without words. The story turned out to be kind of sad in the end, but I took something from it. I wanted to do that too. Take a picture every day of my life for the entire duration of college to document how I grow, change, and turn in to an adult. Such an interesting and tantalizing idea.
I told Zurifee about it and we talked about the 365 projects where photographers do that for just a year and we also mentioned the projects where artists have a list of 100 words and they have to create a piece using one of the words. The two of us, being mad geniuses we are, cooked up a most splendid idea. Why not have a 365 project with a just as many words and each day you express one of the words on the list?
It was a genius plan, a crazy plan, it was just what we both needed. So yesterday we got together and brainstormed until we had 365 words for our year long project. She will be doing a drawing a day expressing the themes(making up for them on later dates if she fails) and I'll be taking a picture a day with the theme of one of the words(also making up if I miss a day). I may still, secretly, hehe, take a picture a day to document my college life, but this project will be challenging and exciting. It will help us both grow in our fields. I can't wait to carry my camera around every where and to complain on those days I don't feel like doing anything.

I had more to say than this... Argh....

I'm on Tumblr! Yeah... I put stuff up there... Personal stuff and stuff you may not see on here. You can take a look if you so like, give me a follow or something. Meh. It's all up to you. I'm actually not overly active on there... I think I post at least one thing a week... Meh. Enjoy.

I think I'm going to be putting my 365 Photo of the Day project up on Flickr, which I'm also on... *runs quickly to go set things up* ---
*comes back like fifteen minutes later* There, I uploaded the first picture in the project and here's the link:… You can follow me there if you like, but it's no pressure.

Ahhh, I really thought I had more to say but I guess I don't. So... I guess I'll just abscond now. Hope you guys enjoy the stuff I'll be putting up soon and all that...

Good day.

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Hello all friends, acquaintances and stoppers-by.

I'm not entirely sure what news I have to bring you other than my thoughts that are buzzing through my head in this moment. So, ha, if you don't really feel like wading thigh-high in boring thoughts then feel free to either skim or completely ignore this journal entry; as is the normal thing to do.

Well, to start things off, I suppose I have to give credit to The Black Swan for bringing me into this kind of feeling of writing. I just finished watching it a few minutes ago and I'm still not quite entirely sure what to think about it. The movie was incredible. Natalie Portman did an amazing job. She was so... Believable through the whole thing. She kept me on my toes.... I won't spoil it for any one you hasn't seen it, but it was gripping. And in every scene your grasp on finally understanding things is yanked from you as you are spun around again through another exciting twist. Wonderful job, just wonderful. I now know why so many people have done art after the movie. I've always wanted to do a piece involving ballet (since my poorly written story involving cookie cutter young lovers meeting in a dance class) and I just might, yet.

Speaking of art, it's going well. I'm sad the class will be over soon, though... The accessibility to endless supplies will be rather missed, obviously. Haha. And the environment is my refuge. Spend every chance I can in there...
I finished a collage today. Surprisingly enough, though, I don't think collages are my thing; must not be cut out for it. I did two collages, actually. The first one was under the theme of freedom, I suppose, and it just didn't turn out well at all. I'm thinking of using that piece as a prop for a photo shoot involving fire. But my second one, which I've finished/need to apply one last final touch to, came out much better. Still, perhaps, not quite like the idea in my head, but much better than the other one could ever hope to be, no matter what you did to it. Some friends and the art teacher agreed that this newer one was better, so my confidence was renewed.
A new project will be started tomorrow. A self portrait, go figure. I've done so many of those. Blah. But I guess I'm a little excited to be working with my favorite medium again; colored pencil. I wonder if he'll allow a bit of mixed media... Markers may be useful.... But hopefully this self portrait will be my best one to date and it can cover up the purple-faced, blue-haired work I have staring at me right now. It'll be fun. Portraits are always a good exercise. Hm... Maybe it'll get me back into practice for some prospective summer pieces, hm?

College is soon approaching and I couldn't be more excited, actually. I'm really looking forward to it. High school doesn't feel like home any more. I've had a taste of college and now it's all I crave for, you know? Things are starting to fall into place for this stage of my life and it feels good. Stressful, but exciting. I jut can't wait for school to be out. Can't wait to get a job. Can't wait for all the new things. Exciting, scary, refreshing.

I hope to do some photo shoots this summer. Maybe get a couple or more in. I just have to come up with ideas or have my friend/photographers come up with some. I'm kind of itching to be in front of and behind the camera all at once. This summer will be fun, hopefully.

In other news, my subscription ended a week or so ago. It's weird going from sixty plus deviations a page to only twenty something. I feel like I'm being robbed, almost. Haha. But that's the only thing I miss. I don't mind not being a member so much. Maybe when I get a job and get all stable and what not I can look into getting myself my own sub for a few months or so. Possibilities.

I apologize for not posting very much lately. I have a number of other photos from the Lost Time Traveler Man series, but I have yet to name them and I don't mind leaking them slowly. Also, my art teacher has held back a number of my pieces from this year and at the end of this semester I'll be getting them all back so I can get to photographing and uploading those slowly here in a few weeks.
Maybe one of these days I'll finish that story... I need to... I want to... But something is holding me back. In due time...

Life is good, things are moving, things are progressing, and I'm feeling alright. Probably the happiest and most successful journal I've ever submitted here. Ha.
Hope this wasn't a complete bore to you all.
Happy living, safe living, successful living to you all.

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A Rambling Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 27, 2011, 6:58 PM
Greetings all!

I felt that there was a trend going on, a trend of updates, and I felt I was called to do the same... Peer pressure. Gets me every time.

Sooo!!! I just days ago reached my 9,000 pageviews mark. Can I get a woot woot? Yeah. Bout time... Llamas helped me with that, I'm sure. ^__^ Some times I get a little down about my lack of pageviews and then I just visit the GiveALamaGetALlama group and I feel better about myself for a day or so. I guess it's easy to be over looked when you're in a society with so many superb artists and the masses not being currently obsessed with your style of art. If only people liked reading more than quickly glancing at photos. *sigh* I'd perhaps be more inclined to write, then.

Speaking of posting new art... *cough*... I have realized that I have a number of pieces that my art teacher is hording from me. I haven't done all that much this year, I'll admit,  but there are still some things that should be posted. Maybe at the end of the year he'll be forced to hand them over and I'll have a short little burst of an art-submitting frenzy. I also have a sketch sitting here next to me. Threw down some lines last night out of the need to get something out of my head and to get a little practice in before I try to do this request/gift thing I've been planning for a while but not doing. The sketch is simple enough, but I think if we don't start something new in Art tomorrow, I'll copy it over to  some better paper and slap some color on it. Sooo, I should have something up relevantly soon if I keep on it.
About the request/gift art: I have my reference picture done(thank you brother for helping me with that) and I know what kind of paper I'll be using... I just have to get over my fear of wings and more than one person in a picture. I think I'll be able to do it if I just make myself.

Life is approaching! College is coming up soon and upon a dear friend's prodding, I'll be aiming for a much closer and private college... Someone please nudge me and remind me daily until I get that oh-so important essay written. I need to get it done. I want in that college...

And on to more silly and less stressful things!!!

I can't recall if I did this already,knowing me and my laziness I doubt I did,  but here is a cutesy little space filler and comment-bringer I stole from both :iconchowdercake: and :iconthetowerunknown::

Comment on this journal and I shall
1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds
2. Tell you which color you remind me of
3. Tell you my first memory of you
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you
7. Give you a weird nickname
8. Tell you what I like most about your art
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal

There. ^__^ Again with the peer pressure. Man, I really need to find some originality.....


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Words, words and words

Sat Jan 15, 2011, 9:30 AM
Hey everyone. Long time no journal entry, huh? Ha, I guess I'm really bad about that... Any where that involves me writing words in a some what regular fashion, I fail. That's why I have half completed journals, letters and stories lying around me everywhere. Ha. ^^"

Well, any who, I would like to announce that I have had a complete turn around since my last entry. Well, at least, a  close to complete. I am inspired beyond my little brain's capacity and it's so frustrating! Haha. I have so many ideas for pieces of art and for stories. Heck, yesterday, with some help from a couple friends during lunch, I came up with an idea for a comic. So, because I haven't the capability to do a comic, I think I'll just try to doodle character designs and write a story to go with it. ^___^
Art class is going swell this semester. :iconzurifee: isn't with me any more :iconsadfaceplz: and it makes me really sad and lonely, but it's also a good thing(she'll vouch for that, I'm sure). I've gotten so much more work done now that I don't talk a whole lot, but I still miss her bunches. Makes me jealous that other people get to watch her make art. Gr. ....... :iconotaku4evr: sits next to me now, though, and it entertains me to listen to her talk about cosplay, making clothes, and the weird things she watches. Haha.
:iconpoopsnake: and I have come up with this awesome photo-shoot idea that has to do with the comic I mentioned earlier(comic came after photo Idea). I'm really anxious to actually do this. I just have to figure out a couple things and maybe wait for some warmer weather before :iconpoopsnake:,:iconzurifee: and I can go out and tackle this idea. It's an awesome idea(though perhaps different than you may think I'd come up with) and I'm seriously excited to get it out of me.

I really hope to be getting more art out soon. I have ideas boiling up inside of me and hopefully I can find some time between class projects and my after school activities to sit down at my desk and get pencil to paper. Really, you guys have no idea how inspired I've been hear lately.  

Here's a side-note/thought: If you guys saw my recent poll you'd have seen that I've been pondering on changing accounts. This is something I've been thinking about for years, actually, but it seems that there are a thousand more cons than pros in the situation. Although my username is extremely childish and lame and I hate it with the entirety of my soul, if I were to get a new account I would loose all of my pageviews, the vast majority of my watchers, people would think I was a n00b because it no longer showed how long I have been a part of the community here, and I would have a heck of a time trying to decide what all I should repost on the new site(time I would loathe to spend with rewatermarking things.). :iconthetowerunknown: suggested a good new username to me and I think I could use that or make something close to it, so a new username isn't really the problem, though I am still up for suggestions as always...So... If you have any better PROs as to why I should make a new account, please, fill me in, because I'd love to, but I'm thinking it's best to stay right here.

I'll end this rant/long journal entry here for now, I guess. Hope you have have a good day/week/month/year. Until next time guys.


P.s. Ha, you think I put enough icons in this journal?

P.p.s. I got a new Canon Rebel XS (as you may or may not have seen in my new submissions) and I am in LOVE!!! His name is Roderick and he's such a good boy. ^_____^

P.p.p.s Thank you so much to :iconallzquiet: for another subscription! I wish you luck with your computer problems, hon!

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Still Breathing

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 17, 2010, 8:02 AM
Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I really updated my journal or posted anything, or even really made a comment on anything. I guess you can just say that life has finally decided to get me involved and I've been busy. I've been out of the house a lot more lately(oh yes, you better believe it_, so much so it seems I only come home to sleep, shower and occasionally eat. School and friends dominate my life and to be honest, I'm loving every minute of it. This year has been my best yet by far.

But I don't think I'm making any progress... In anything...

The one piece I've posted recently, my still life piece, I'm not even really proud of. The background is different now due to the teacher's distaste... But, eh... I'm not keeping caught up in art, I haven't finished the novel I started at the beginning of the school year, I'm not really learning anything I didn't already know and I'm too lazy to really start looking into college.

So... With all of that said I guess I just wanted you guys to know that I am still alive and ideas are floating around in my skull, it's just a matter of finding the time and the inspiration to get them out of my head and onto paper. So, don't miss me too much and if you ever wondered what happened to me, just assume I'm okay and that I'm trying to get back. Send me an email or a note, I'll reply because I still do check things.

I never imagined being happy could keep you so busy and yet so incredibly lazy and drained of all inspiration at the same time.


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I have a Sub!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 6:52 PM
And it's all thanks to the absolutely positively amazing and generous king of a man :iconallzquiet:. ^________________^ What a beautiful birthday present. :iconnewglomp: I flippin' love you, man!!! I must make more art for you!! 8D

In other news!

School's started. I'm ecstatic about year round art classes and the fact that I get to spend this semester with :iconzurifee: in my art class due to her amazing schedule organization. ^__^ I have so many ideas for big ticket projects it's not even funny. Ha.(but I'll laugh any way) The coolest thing is that my art teacher trust me or something, even though he's never had me in class, because when I asked he said I was allowed to use the canvas and acrylics to do a painting or two. Man, you don't know how excited I am, even though I've never used paints before, really. XP I can't wait to get that started on my free time. Good thing I have hour long lunch periods. ^__^
This really should be a great year for me, artistically. I have a fair bit of expectations for myself.

Wow.... I thought I had more to say... I guess I'm just simply excited right now for the prospect of what this school year has in store for me. Have had a rough start to things, but it always gets darkest just before dawn, right? I believe my life is just about to peek out from behind the horizon and bloom into a beautiful day. I can't wait.

Thanks again to :iconallzquiet:!! :iconicameplz: 8DDD


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To those of you that caught my mistake... Sorry... lol, fingers are trigger happy and pressed the enter button before I even had a chance to type out a journal.


So! One of my excellent real life friends(believe it! I have those!!! 8D), perhaps my bestest, just recently made a dA page upon my urging. ^__^ She's a great artist; wonderful ideas, beautiful concepts, and is fairly quick if inspired properly. ^__^ :iconzurifee: is her and you should browse through her gallery. It's all great, I would know. Not only have I seen them all on numerous occasions simply because I like to flip through her clip board but because I helped take the pictures of everything in her gallery thus far. ^___^ Seriously, though... Visit her, give her llama... Now... Please? ^___^

So summer's over for me. Yeah... I should be in bed, resting up to prepare for my first day of school related activities for this '10-'11 school year. I'll have art classes all year round so maybe you'll get some art out of me every few weeks. Hopefully I'll remember that I aspire to be a writer one day and work on getting some stories out this year... *sigh* All just hopes, though. Wish me luck on this year. It's an important one.

Did a little photo shoot with some glass bottles I had hanging around today. Took a bucket with some broken glasses and a few bottles and walked a couple acres to the back pasture and had some fun. It got killer hot fairly quickly, though. Fifteen minutes in and the glass was too hot to touch, my camera was getting hot, and I was sweating. Fifteen minutes was long enough for some good pictures, though, obviously. ^__^ Good enough for me to post, at least. Go take a look at them. ^__^

Well, I don't really have any more things to tell you about... Have you looked at  :iconzurifee:'s profile yet? Well you best get on that, really.. If you don't... You'll.... You'll break your mother's back! DD:

Toodles my friends and strangers! ^____^



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Hello sugar dumplings!

Well, I figured it was about time I updated my journal. I was getting tired of seeing that Kiriban and Tagged stuff on my page long after it was no longer relevant.
Any how, I guess I should write things... About myself...

I'm going to be entering a kind of charity art auction here in a week or so, so I should have something that I hope to be awesome up in a few days. I was thinking about doing another monochrome piece, like the blue and purple self portrait I did a little while back, but of a friend of mine this time. I should be getting a reference of her on Thursday so that'll leave me a few days to just cram in the art. I hope I can get it done in time or don't end up bailing on it. I really don't want to let them down...

So I've been watching :iconmoondoggy09:'s live streams lately. I think it was one of his best ideas yet to get one of those. It's cool to see an artist you're familiar with do their thing, you know? Inspires you and makes you kind of jealous, but a warm and fuzzy kind of jealous(if such a thing is possible). So you should head over there and check out his journal some time, see if he's got one going. Cool beans, I'm tellin' ya.

Any who I think I'm done here. Nothing more to say, I guess. I'll try to let you know how that auctions goes if I feel it's important enough.

Toodles, my little darlings. ^__^



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My page views in the past few months have, in comparison, grown a bit and in conclusion I think it's time to reward you people. If someone catches my 6,666 page view I will do something in your honor. Whether it be drawing you something, writing you something or generally being a suffocatingly nice person for a while I'll try my hardest to not disappoint. If you don't catch it exactly(a hand full of views too late) but I haven't said anything about someone finding it yet, let me know. ^_~ Aaaaaand no one caught it. *sigh of despair* But, oh well. ^___^ My page views are climbing and I'm feeling like maybe I'm not such a bad artist. Thanks to all of you out there who watch me and have favorited my art. It really does mean the world to me. ^______^

Ah, updates. *sniffs audibly* My letting you know about my wondrous life. How exciting.
Anywho. You know that one piece where there's a chick with purple skin and blue hair I did a few weeks ago? Self portrait..? Remember? Good. Well, I put that into an art competition and then an art show. The art competition, if you can believe it was a Congressional art competition where the winning pieces are taken to D.C. and put on display some where for a few years. Aaaaaand, I didn't get chosen. But hey, I'm not upset. I didn't know that it was going to be put in such a competition until I showed the art teacher and he said, "Give it to me." So, *shrug* I don't mind. Perhaps next year, after I have art classes all year round, I can make something more worthy of entering such a competition.
Who else hates the word competition now?
But aside from all of that I've been a little busier lately and I find that for about the next month I'll be busier as school finishes up and all that jazz.

And now! *drum roll* I've been tagged/challenged by a real life(*gasp*) friend of mine. She's kind of a sister of a friend, but I imagine we'll get close enough soon. ^_~

Here it is:

I've been challenged by :iconcharisefoley: to do this:

Comment on this journal and I'll:
1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

Thanks for readin' guys! ^______^ <3



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:iconnosebleedplz: Omg, blame my secret competitive nature, but HOLY SMOKES I WANT MORE LLAMAS!!

If you give me a llama I will return the favor, promise! ^____^ I want moar stupid llamas. XD

:iconimhighplz: Llamas, yes? :iconrainbowhitlerplz:



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Hey there guys. It's been a little bit since my last update so I guess I'll fill you all in on some things.

I got those pictures uploaded on here like I mentioned in my last journal, but you knew that. I also have another picture I drew a week or so ago sitting in my sketchbook. I haven't had the chance to photograph it because my camera has been on a bit of vacation, but I should have a picture up sometime soon. Yes, if you heard whisperings of me working on something, this is what I was talking about. It's not much, really, but I'm proud of it. Maybe I'll think of something else to put on paper soon. Well, scratch that last sentence out. I have at the very least two (new) ideas I want tp ut on paper, but I don't believe I have the ability to do such things, so I'll just muse on it in my head until I either forget or try scribbling it down on paper.

As the title suggests, I am looking for a couple things and you guys can help me, you are the only ones that can. I can't do this on my own. :o Oh ho ho!

I've been told that it is possible to have this group... chat-like thing where you can pile all of your music(or any other type) files on the internet for a little while so it can be a free for all. You and your little posse and share all of your music until your hearts content. Now, I don't know how to do this, maybe you do, but I'm sure I can figure out how from a reliable source.
Otherwise, I do have yet another source who can probably show me how to put songs into zipped RAR folders so you can send them through emails...
My point is, I'm on a music quest and *points like Uncle Sam with boney finger at you individually* I WANT YOUR MUSIC! Yeah, your music. Any band, any genre(besides Rap, I think. Sorry. But you can convince me if you feel RARing the files is worth your time), and thing. I want it.
If you're interested, I suppose I can share some of my music as well. Hopefully my library will be expanding and so you'll have more to choose from. If any of you, ANY ONE OUT THERE, is interested, please, just drop me a note or an email ( ) and I'll try my hardest to get back to you as soon as possible. I'm serious about this.

Another thing that I'm just recently interested in seeking out is a new icon. I'm sick of my craptastic little dude sitting up there, all obnoxiously pink and pixily. So, for all of you awesome friends and strangers out there, if you feel like being generous and creative, please oh please, make me a new icon. It can be of a piece of my art(perferably), have movements (I'd pee myself if you could make it move) or anything like that. I'm not sure if any of you will be interested, but if I get a few "entries" I'll pick from the best, and if I'm too excited or if the spirit moves me, I may try to repay you with a little something.
Icons, please?

Soooo, yeah. ^__^ Not a whole lot going on in my life, but the little there is fills it.

If any of you are interested in sharing music or making me an icon, please contact me! Notes, comments, emails, creepy strange messages on Facebook that make me wonder how you found me out, telepathic... Whatever you perfer.

Thanks so much, guys! ^___^



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Well, I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of those art projects from last semester and after a week or two of doing nothing with those pictures I finally got them watermarked and all that jazz... But now to submit, right? Wrong... dA is being a loser and not uploading them, so bah humbug. I got a couple things done last night but my internet suddenly stopped working right in the middle, so I still have a few more things I'd like to put up.
So yeah, I'm inching closer to all of those goals I have for myself. Progress is progress.
I have an idea in my head for a drawing and I've been meaning to draw it for about two weeks now, but I haven't done it yet... Some of you may know what's floating around in my head, but don't tell. ^__^ I don't want you guys to assume I'll actually get it done. XD
Hm, now that I think some more, I have a coupe writing assignments from English I may want to submit. Essays, sure, but one of them meant a lot to me.

I hope I don't loose my progress.

Wish me luck, guys, and enjoy my art. ^__^

Have a great day.



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Hello all who watch me or care to keep up with me at least some.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I am not satisfied with my artistic levels nor my level of popularity on this site. I want to get better and I want to be known, but I don't seem to have any really motivation behind it. I am too distracted with the world of the internet to really get anything that I want to get done. So, jsut as of this moment, I've made it a point and a goal to myself to pull myself away from the internet and social places a little so as I can advance in my real life and my artistic life.
This point in my life is somewhere between unsettled ground and trying to find something to ground myself. I'm clinging to the internet because though it is an ever changing and writhing being it has things that I feel are firm and solid; something to hold onto. But, now that I think about it more, I've been looking in the wrong place. I thought I was looking in myself, but I'm only looking into the nonmaterial part of this world, the part that isn't really... real?

Ah, I've gone off course. Anyway, my plan here is to try to get some more things done. I have a 1,000+ page book (three books in one) I'd like to finish, some art projects I still need to either scan or take pictures of so I can post, some stories or something to write up, and maybe finish up a drawing I've been procrastinating on for about two months. Sooo... Perhaps with some pushing from you guys (not too much or I'll eat your eyeballs on my toast for breakfast) I can actually get this stuff done.
Consider this my New Years resolution; to get more done.

Maybe I'll actually do this... -.-"

Peace out, friends and strangers.


Well, I've had some time away from the computer but not because of the promise I made to myself. Suddenly my life started asking more from me and thus I haven't drawn anything I've wanted to, haven't written, but I have read some during school. Schoolwork is suddenly taking up my evenings right along with chores at home. Maybe one of these days when I get some muse I'll try to take pictures of some older stuff I have and still need to show everyone. I'll have to be crafty with the bigger pictures so I don't loose details... *sigh* But maybe I'll get to it soon...

So many ideas but no inspiration to actually sit down and do it...



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I've been Tagged!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 6:09 PM
Here's something I almost never do. A tag dealy...

001. Name → Rose (as this crowd knows me by)
002. Nickname → Rosie/Rose/Lefty
003. Status → Relationship wise? Proudly in a relationship for two years now. Sanity wise? I have none.
004. Zodiac sign → Virgo
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → Can't really remember those days. GES
007. Middle School → I must admit, it was a time when I was a bit awkward, but I realised my love for art then. GMS
008. High School → So far a pretty crappy experience. GHS and my current school.
009. Smart → Of course I am! And I do find it offensive if you call me otherwise.
010. Hair color → Brown - natural blonde highlights
011. Long or short → Long. Longer than it looks.
012. Loud or Quiet → Depends - both, really.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans all the way!
014. Phone or Camera → Really hard to chose, so I refuse.
015. Health freak → Not really. Five second rule, baby.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Crushes seem so childish...
018. Eat or Drink → Eat, definately.
019. Piercings → Normal ear piercings on lobe, got seconds next to orginals, but one closed up.
020. Tattoos → Nope. Half and half on if I should or not.

023. First piercing → Ear lobes, younger than twelve? Can't remember.
024. First best friend → Sophie. She was so bossy. But we had fun.
025. First award → Pft, probably something acedemic, not like I'm in sports.
026. First crush → Maybe some guy name Zach or Andrew. I think he was a ginger, though. Maybe David..... way back in elementary.
027. First pet → A cat that was around before I was. Mookie was his name. Had to leave because he was jealous.
028. First big vacation → Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Ate my first bit of aligator tale at the swamps. Almost drown at the ocean.
030. First big birthday → My first birthday. I've seen the video. It was a big deal for me. XD

049. Eating → The inside of my cheek.
050. Drinking → Spit, duh.
052. I'm about to → Check on my 150 deviations. -.-'
053. Listening to → The TV
054. Plans for today → Day's almost over.
058. Want kids? → Mmm, I'm not sure. I guess. No more than three though, if that.
059. Want to get married? → Heck, friggin' yes.
060. Careers in mind → Photographer, author, psychologist.. something?

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes; I love reading them.
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller than me, sorry. I've tried shorter, not bad but not really my thing.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Romantic - I love being spoiled.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Um, either? I don't mind.
074. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive, but not overly so. Loud, but no overly so.
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship, I don't do hookups.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Seems I've got myself a bit of a trouble maker. >.<

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Don't have either.
081. Ran away from home → No, and I think Moon lied on this one when he answered.
084. Broken someones heart → *sigh* I'd rather not talk about it, but yes, multiple people...
085. Been arrested → Haha, like I'm capable of doing something that daring.
087. Cried when someone died → No.  

089. Yourself → Depends on what part of me.
090. Miracles → I'd like to/kinda
091. Love at first sight → Maybe?
092. Heaven → Yeah, I think I do.
093. Santa Claus → *snort* reminds me of this one Christmas party.
094. Sex on the first date → Oh heck no.
095. Kiss on the first date → Mmmmmmmmm..... *squinty eyes* I'm not sure. I wanna say no.... but it depends.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Only all the time...
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Can't really complain when you get everythgni for free...
099. Do you believe in God → Yeah, I think so.
100. Post as 100 truths and tag → :iconabinition:



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El gaspe! o.o A new Journal

Tue Nov 10, 2009, 3:42 PM
Well well well, look at what DA has done. It's decided to let us none membership users to try out journal skins for a little while. But of course it's just to let us get a taste and want more when they take it away. It's an advertisement deal! I know it is!! :shakefist:

But oh well, I digress.

Haha, I'm using a header! XD *cough* Business:

I actually do needed to update my journal for more reasons than just to try out the enw skin and to let DA know that I know their evil little plan.
Interesting news wise, I have almost nothing to talk about. No gossip here. But I am currently in a beginners art class and have been doing more art work lately, so maybe one of these days I'll hook up my scanner again and indulge you all in my original works. I'm sure you are all getting quite tired of my stupid pictures. DX

You know what I need to do? Become un-lazy. I'm significantly lazy these days. Sure, I want to some more art projects, but I jsut never get around to it. I'm always on a confounded computer. *sigh of defeat* But alas, I am the only one who can truly change that, so maybe I'll pull myself together and get some things done in the months to come.

Wish me luck! :wave:


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So I finally got through all of my backed up Deviations from the billion people that I watch and I was looking over my profile to see if I needed to do anything. I just got done submitting two new deviations and something finally sunk in. There was something different about some of my information at the top of the page. I looked and I looked for a long moment and finally I realized that the number of years I have been on DA had changed from two to three years. I was baffled. Really? I thought it was later in the year when I joined.... I finally found out that my DA birthday was the nineteenth of June, last month. I wanted to kick myself for not realizing it sooner so I could celebrate more appropriately, but I think I'll just settle with a proud smile.
Sure, I suppose I could have been more active in these three years and worked harder at expanding my skills, but I'm happy with where I'm at in my artistic "age". I could have fished around for my page views, but that's not what really matters, I suppose. It's more about just enjoying yourself in the art that you make, no matter what it is. Who cares how good you are? Is there really a concrete way to judge how good or bad a person is? I don't really think so.... it's more about how well a person expresses a thought, image, or feeling through their art. Some people may be better at doing this in a more eye-pleasing manner than others, but that's just fluff anyway.
I guess I'm just trying to say thanks to everyone who has ever favorited or commented on a piece of mine because, no matter how many times I say it I'll always truly mean it, thanks so much for what you've done. You're support helps keep my confidence high enough to push me to stay on here and to continue to try to make myself better, however slowly I'm moving.
Thanks for a wonderful three years here and I hope to have many more and even more blissful years here to share with you all.



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Hello all of you!

Ah, aren't you all glad Spring is here? I know I am! Everyday I notice more and more green things popping up and other colorful flowers. I love it! And another bonus is that I don't really have allergies, so I don't have to worry about all those annoying sneezes and snotty rags to carry around. Haha.
And another good thing is that I have plenty of photo opertunities! Bu of course you guys already knew that because I've been flooding your message boxes with my silly photos. lol.

But, I do have some bad news. Over the next few months, untill about the beginning of summer, I'll be in the process of moving. To some of you, I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh that's great! New oppertunities!" And yeah, I agree, all sorts of new things are going to happen, but I've never changed schools before....I guess I'm a little scared about that.
Anyway, I'll be moving so, maybe not right away, I might not be as active on here. I can't be for sure. It may be a month or two before you notice any change in my activity, but I'm giving you a heads up.

Well, I've said all I really wanted to say, besides thanks to all the new watchers I have and to everyone for looking at my art! I really really appreciate it- it makes me feels more confident.

Have a great day, week, month, year!



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RULES: Cause all these thingies Do
1. Pick which OC you are going to answer this in, [[Or yourself]]
2. Answer all the questions Truthfully. Make it interesting!
3. Tag at least 5 others when finished!!!
[[Wow, simple Rules]]

((I'll be doing it with four characters. One character's answer then the next, seperated by a comma.))

Name: Holly, Drake((RP characters, not LtD,DtL)), Cliff, and Ivy
Birthdate: H:Well, can you really consider me born? D:Same as my sister... C: Hmm, never really paid attention to birthdays- too busy studying and figureing things out. I:Sometime in September...My mother always baked me a cake when the leaves changed colors.
Birth Place: H and D:In the labs in a run down city- something like New York. C: In the city in the hospital. I: I shouldn't tell you that- you might try to capture my friends and family.
Current Location: H, D, C, I:My secret hide-out overlooking the Labs with my friends
Eye Color: H:Bright Brown(bright as in exciting) D: Grey C:((I don't remember! 0.o)) I: Green
Hair Color: H:Light Brown D:Pitch black C:((Still don't rememeber! Possible Brown...)) I: Brown
Height: H:5'4" D: 5'8" C: 6'0" I: 5'5"
Weight: H:115 D: 165 C:175 I: 120
Piercing: H, D, C, I:None
Tattoos: H and D:My bar-code on my left ankle C and I: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: H:Well, it's kinda complicated D, C, I: None
Overused Phraze: H, D, C, I:I don't think I have one.

Food: H:Anything I can get my hands on, really. But I prefer a PB and J D: Something beef C: Lemon Cake, from Mom. I:Mint tea
Candy: H and D:I don't think I've ever had any. C: Skittles I: Rather have an apple.
Number: H:Well, it's not really my favorite(I don't have one), but 307. D: Same as sister, but 305. C: 3 I: None
Color: H:Black and Green D: Black and Blue C: Red, like the cross. I: Pale blue.
Animal: H:Birds D: Wolves C: None. I: Songbird
Drink: H, D, C, I:Water
Alcoholic Drink: H, C, I:Don't drink D: Vodka
Bagel: H, D, C, I:Um, what?
Letter: H, D, C, I:No preference
Body Part on Opposite sex: H:Eyes- they're the window to the soul. Or the heart- all emotions are held there. D: Lips C:The circulatory system, or the viens. I: Chest

Pepsi or Coke: H, D, C, I:Either one
McDonalds or BurgerKing: H, D, C, I:Never been.
Strawberry or Watermelon: H, C, I:Strawberry. D:
Hot tea or Ice tea: H,D,C:Iced tea I:
Chocolate or Vanilla: H, D, I:Chocolate! Only had it once and it was wonderful! C: Vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: H, D, I:Hot chocolate C: Coffee
Kiss or Hug: H:Um...I've only had one kiss, really. But I really enjoy hugs. D: Kiss C, I:
Dog or Cat: H, C:Cat D and I: Dog
Rap or Punk: H, D, C, I:Don't get the chance to listen to music, really.
Summer or Winter: H, D, C, I:Winter is harder to survive, so Summer is nice.
Movies or Funny Movies: H, D, I:Any movie if I get the chance! C: Funny
Love or Money: H, D, I:Love! <3 I'm a emotion kind of person C: Money to find my research and hospital

Bedtime: H, D, C, I:When ever I get to sleep
Most Missed Memory: H:From when? Laughing with my brother D: Surviving with my little sister. C: My wife's smile I: My mother picking flowers with me.
Best phyiscal feature: H:Um....I dunno...*blush* D: Face, definately! ^_* C: Eyes I: I don't know.
First Thought Waking Up: H, D, I:I'm still alive and not captured- good. C: Work
Goal for this year: H, D, C, I:Surviving and saving my friends from danger
Best Friends: General: Holly, Rei, Alex, Amelia, Lili, Cliff, Ivy, and the late Carl
Weakness: H:Honest emotions D:Frightened and racing thoughts. C: My physical features- more of a desk kind of man. I: My emotions...I crack to easily.
Fears: H, D:Getting caught again. C:Failing I:Being completely alone.
Heritage: H, D:Needles and training. C: Grew up in the city- basically alone all my life. I:Basically just the tradtions of hiding and gathering passed down from my small family and friends.
Longest relationship: H:On going. D:Never had the cahnce. C:14 years. I:Since birth

Ever Drank: H, D, C:Yes. I: No
Ever Smoked: H, I:No D, C:
Pot: H, D, C, I:no
Ever been Drunk: H, C, I:no D:Not a very uncommon sight in the Special Police after hard missions
Ever been beaten up: H, D, C, I:Of course
Ever beaten someone up: H, D, I:I have to C:
Ever Shoplifted: H, D, C:No I: Yes...
Ever Skinny Dipped: H, D:No C, I:
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: H:Just recently! ^_^ D, I: No  C:My wife
Been Dumped Lately: H, D, C, I:No

Favorite Eye Color: H, D, I:Any color C: Deep Dark Blue
Favorite Hair Color: H, D, I:Any color C: Firey red
Short or Long: H, D, I:No preference C: Long
Height: H, I:Tall D,C: Shorter then me.
Style: H, D, C, I:No preference
Looks or Personality: H:Personality, definately. I'm starting to fall in love with a cat man! ^_^ Haha D:Personality- can't stand listening to shallow thoughts. C, I: Peronaility
Hot or Cute: H, C, I:Um....Either? D: Hot
Drugs and Alcohol: H, D, C, I:No
Muscular or Really Skinny: H, I:Muscles C, D: Skinny
Who is the Guy or Girl you wish you were with Right Now?: H:Rei....^_^ <3 <3 D:My sister, to know that she's alright. C:I can't be with her anymore... I:Well...

Number of Regrets in the Past: H:Letting Drake get caught, again. D:Ever letting Holly get caught. C:Not findnig the cure for her sooner. I:None
What country/world do you want to Visit: H, D:England- it's away from the labs. C:Ireland I:Australia
How do you want to Die: H, D, C, I:If I had to choose- with my friends.
Been to the Mall Lately: H, D, I:Never been C:Not sicne I was a boy
Do you like Thunderstorms: H, C:Yes! D, I:No
Get along with your Parents: H, D:Let's just say they're crazy and they try to brainwash me! 0.o C: I did when they were around. I: Yes
Health Freak: H, IIf it comes to wounds, yes. D:No C:Human body facinates me
Do you think your Attractive: H, I:Um, sure? D:Of course! C: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Want to go to College: H, D, I:Not really- too busy. C: Already been, but it'd be nice to go back.
Do you Smoke: H, D, C, I:no
Do you Drink: H, C, I:no D: Yes
Shower Daily: H, D, C, I:Can't....
Been in Love: H,C:Yes D, I:
Do you Sing: H, D,C:no I; It's part of how I heal.
Want to get Married: H, D, I:maybe C: Remarried? No.
Do you want Children: H, D:um.... C:I did... I:Yes
Have your future kids names planned out: H, D, C, I:no
Hate anyone: H, D, C, I:The Labs and all the crazy people in them.
You Prolly answered this already but if your in Love, who is it?: H:Rei....^_^ D, I:No one C: My late wife


  • Listening to: Dead Wrong - The Fray
  • Reading: Dante's Divine Comedy
  • Watching: House M.D.
So, I obviously acquired a new digital camera for Christmas and have been abusing it like mad. I know I've taken over two hundred (or more!) pictures already of all sorts of things. But I think I'm only going to post my favorites on here (and give all the crappy ones to Facebook XD).
I bet you guys didn't know I could abuse so many Medias, huh? Poetry, literature, drawing, photography...I even made my own stamp once out of tile (I'll have to take a picture of it someday)! Perhaps one day, though, I'll master one of them and get recognized.
You know, whoever is reading this, feel free to tell someone about something of mine you like...I need the "publicity". Though with all the attention I got recently, I don't think I could be famous...I'd hate it- too many people noticing the make-up that hides your true inner beauty.
Yeah, I'm one of those people who believe in inner-beauty. But only because I can now aw I've lived on both sides of the popularity line. Since I'm a "band nerd" I don't really get noticed very much though I used to be best friends with the "popular" girls before there was such thing as cliques...Anyway, I'm not quite completely unnoticed. I mean, I make an effort to make at least acquaintances with other people outside of my group, so people know who I am (which isn't hard in this small school). But this last Friday (yesterday) I got to live a day on the "popular" side of things... You know Homecoming at school? Well, think of that, but instead of football being the focus, it's basket-ball- That's Color's Day. So I was voted in as one of the Color's Day "maids"(but only because I told everyone to vote for me). To make things short, I got in with one of my best friends who's a basket-ball player, herself. I had some of the "popular" girls who were once my good friends and are still reliable fix me up.
It was so strange having those "popular" guys look at me and say, "Damn, [insert my name here], lookin' good!" It made me feel good to have all those people say I was beautiful and smile at me, but they were only looking at the make-up and hair-spray. They weren't seeing the real, everyday, true me.
Yeah, it was nice to be in the spot-light for once...Every girl's dream, but I wouldn't do it again. Not because of the stress, but because I was fake...I was just a Barbie doll...

Wow, how did I get off to that....Sorry for rambling...But I hope to see some more watchers soon...I'd like to hear some more of your guys' thoughts too. Let me know someone is actually looking in on me.

Peace out, stay yourself,



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